Good Fights never stay Hidden

The Christmas holidays were long and plagued with inactivity, rust had taken hold of the Lead Farmers War Machine so we were slow to from up when one of our scouts reported Posthuman Society [POSHU] running sites in the fourth wormhole down the chain. Pilots still recuperating from the slumber of vacation meant we didn’t have many pilots online, luckily Ekchuah’s Shrine [EKCHU] had a connection just 10 jumps away from our Kspace entrance. While initially our scout reported the hostile fleet consisted of 3 Dreads, 6 Lokis and we were worried that our limited numbers would simply be webbed down and blapped by the Dreadnaughts, so we called upon Ekchuah’s Shrine who started moving towards us. However, when they were only a few jumps out, our scout reported that everything was back at the POS and they were salvaging, now do we try to kill their salvager or wait in hope of better things, our fleet was now showing we were 25 man strong, so we waited.

POSHU were now logging off their capitals and visible online pilots started to disappear, needless to say our hope started dwindling, when suddenly another scout reported a Cheetah of Team Pizza (No Holes Barred) just two holes deep. But we didn’t have long to figure out where they could have come from, as the initial scout reported a few POSHU ships moving from their Class 5 wormhole, through a C6 and into a connected C3, with a Drake, Legion and Proteus. With EKCHU having arrived it was more likely that POSHU would engage them rather than LFARM, as LFARM has worked close with POSHU back in the days of the Wspace Domination coalition, so EKCHU seemed like the only viable choice.

EKCHU having mostly brought Cloaky Strategic Cruisers with 3 Guardians, moved into position on the C3 wormhole where the small POSHU gang had moved into, awaiting their return. The idea was to force POSHU, should they want to engage, to move their Capitals to a wormhole where they would not be able to escape from by simply jumping back and forth through it, but the trap nearly failed as the POSHU Strategic Cruisers in the C3 were cloaky and managed to slip past EKCHUs camp.

Wormhole map before fight
Annoyed that we didn’t manage to catch them forced us to review our options, but we decided to wait around abit as we hoped that POSHU would deem a gang of Cloaky Strategic Cruisers with three Guardians a doable fleet. The situation now was that EKCHU was on a C3 wormhole with roughly 13 pilots, with Lead Farmers only two wormholes away, while we had very little intel on what POSHU was bringing if they were actually bringing anything at all.

Even though we had a scout inside the POSHU home system, we were not able to get the full picture of their fleet as the system was alot larger than his Directional Scanner could cover, so he started to move around and as he left the C6 wormhole he noticed an Archon with support pass by him on Dscan, seconds later our scout in the C6 reported shrinkage on the wormhole to POSHUs home system. An Archon decloaked on the wormhole along with 10 Strategic Cruisers and they were now in warp to the EKCHU gang on the C3 which was LFARMs cue to start heading down the chain to aid our alliance mates.

Initially EKCHU lost a couple of battlecruisers as their Guardians were forced to jump into the C3 or perish, but as soon as LFARM landed with their additional 3 Guardians, the incoming damage stabilized and we were in control. Targets were called and before the Archon could deliver effective repairs a POSHU Loki exploded, but from then on their Archon caught every attempt of quick target swapping we tried. So we started hammering on the Archon in hopes of breaking it. But to no avail, having half our dps ships in sub-optimal loadouts when bashing Carriers meant that we weren’t breaking its local reps, nor was our two Neutralizing Legions able to do anything against its capacitor, which meant bigger ships were needed. Our FC called for Dreadnaughts, and Amis Sjet was the first to answer the call with her Revelation.

The enemy was slowly getting reinforcements, a Bhaalgorn had entered the fight as we were trying to break the Carrier, but the Bhaalgorn didn’t pose any immediate danger as we did not have Capitals of our own on field yet and a single Bhaalgorn would not threaten our 6 Guardians. We were more worried about them trying to silence our dps, but our Guardians did a great job at keep their capacitor levels high.

As our Dreadnaught landed on grid, reports of a second Bhaalgorn and Archon meant we were short on time if we were going make use of the Revelation effectively before the combined neuts would render it useless. We initially primaried the Bhaalgorn hoping to alpha it down with the Dread, but the Archon pilot had expected it and reps were perfectly timed. We decided to switch to the Archon as it was still in Triage, hoping to kill it before the other one arrived, but even the Revelation can’t fight the prolonged energy warfare of Bhaalgorns and with the Archon inches away from structure, the Dreads gun seized to fire as it ran out of capacitor. Gutted with this failed attempt and the sight of their second Archon landing on field, we now hoped that our Guardians could transfer enough cap to the Dread once it dropped siege, in order to yet again attempt to burn down the Archon, but the neuts were constantly on our Dreadnaught who now was trying to slowboat out of the two Bhaalgorn’s range. While all this was happening we noticed an Aperture Harmonics [AHARM] Anathema decloak on our fleet, but quickly discarded it as a problem for future-us.

We called for a second Revelation of Santafee to make swift haste to our position, so we were now playing the game of time when suddenly our scout reported an incoming hostile Revelation. Sedilis having a scout on their wormhole, heroically tried to tackle the Dreadnaught to keep it away from the fight as long as possible, but seeing as we had already attempted that on their second Carrier with some success, the Dread pilot had fit warp core stabilizers and warped off with no difficulty. Realizing that POSHU had no points on our Revelation, the pilot warped off to regenerate capacitor far away from the Bhaalgorns, whilst meeting up with our second Dread, ready to pounce at the first opportune moment.

The hostile Dreadnaught finally went into siege, which was the cue for us to start trying to burn him down within the 5 minute siege timer where he could receive no repairs from his triage Archon buddies, but just as we began, suddenly 16 Aperture Harmonics [AHARM] Tier 3 Battlecruisers lands 120km off the main battle to everyone’s surprise. Whether they were there to help POSHU was initially unknown until they alphaed one of the POSHU Bhaalgorn who exploded with little warning. This was now a Three-Way fight.

With one Bhaalgorn down it was time for both our Revelations to join the field and as soon as they did, the tide turned heavily in our favour, but not without losing two Strategic Cruisers to the AHARM alpha fleet, which probably could have been avoided if broadcast had been hit in a more timely fashion. The first Archon died quickly to the combined fire of our Dreadnaughts, while subcaps handled the remaining Bhaalgorn who eventually jumped out and was killed on the other side of the wormhole. The second Archon quickly followed along with a couple of Strategic Cruisers. And last but not least, the POSHU Revelation, which withstood a horrible beating far longer than normal, but as the Killboard later shows, it had full tank and double local repper fitted.

Wormhole map after fight
Good fights were exchanged in local even though AHARM was still sitting between 80-130km off our fleet, trying to alpha whatever they thought they could but to no avail. Brick tanked Strategic Cruisers with a couple of Revelations sitting next to them are far from an ideal fleet to start chasing Tier3 Kiting Battlecruisers, but we do not reject pvp when its thrown at us, so we decided to give it one attempt. Probes went out and a Heavy Interdictor was readied to follow the prober as soon as he warped, but before the rest of the fleet could land, the Proteus scout and the Phobos was dead. GF, and we started to exfiltrate, and so we did without additional losses.

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Video from KILL perspective.


Video from the POSHU side